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We are proud to present our collection of extraordinary and distinctive eyewear created by the most talented designers from around the world

Our Featured Brands

Etnia o.Barcelona

Etnia Barcelona is art, colour, light. It's Barcelona, it's culture, it's quality. It's all the people who make it possible and the Mediterranean culture that envelopes all of it.

iC! Berlin

Each pair of ic! berlin glasses really are produced in Berlin, Germany. Our frames are luxury products, hand-finished, piece by piece. When you hold a pair of ic! berlin glasses in your hands, you can feel why all of this effortis justified; the glasses captivate you with their stability of form and their flexibility.


There are as many as 200 manual processes involved in making an optical frame. Masunaga Optical is the only company in Japan that has a factory in charge of all processes from raw materials to production and finish in an integrated way. The integrated production system improves the detail and quality.

Barton Perreira

Dedicated to pure luxury, Barton Perreira’s approach to fashion redefines style and elegance. Patty Perreira’s language of inspired design focuses on the evolution process and continues to challenge the industry by unveiling the next new thing.


Strongly rooted in classic Danish design, we still dare to be bold and optimistic, creating award-winning quality products with an aesthetic appeal and a little unexpected twist. Our design and collections are inspired by key contemporary trends and made to be timeless and long lasting.


With its Austrian-made eyewear, the company has been setting benchmarks for style, comfort and material since 1964. The design is limitless and constantly surprising, whilst simultaneously being distinctive and unique.  Consistent clarity and weightlessness; a timeless statement. Authentic eyewear for authentic people.


A combination of lightness and technology for immediate comfort: LIGHTEC optical frames and sunglasses are made entirely from stainless steel, with an exclusive screwless flex hinge system. Made in France.


Oakley High Definition Optics lenses optimize safety and performance to meet the uncompromising demands of professional athletes who settle for nothing less than the clearest, sharpest, most accurate vision.

Prada eyewear

Unmistakable style, sophisticated elegance and uncompromised quality - Prada is the pinnacle of Italian fashion. With their line of stylish sunglasses and eyeglasses, Prada continues to be a leader in designer eyewear.


Ray-Ban sunglasses were developed in 1937 to help pilots cope with the distraction caused by the intense blue and white hues of the sky. Celebrated for its classic Aviator and Wayfarer styles, the brand has developed a number of fresh looks.


High-quality glasses made from memory titanium and bearing the name TITANFLEX have always been generated through engineering artwork and design competence. For this purpose, the base material is subjected to a stingently-inspected thermomechanical treatment and refinement process.

Maui Jim

Created on the Hawaiian Islands to make the colors shine, Maui Jim sunglasses feature patented PolarizedPlus2® lens technology for brilliant color so every detail is crisper and cleaner and without glare or harmful UV. Slip on a pair and see the brilliance!

Our selection of eyewear has been carefully chosen to meet your standards of quality and craftsmanship. Every frame and lens we sell is backed by a one year's manufacturer's warranty against defects. Should you experience any problems with your eyeglasses, please do not hesitate to let us know. We will try our best to remedy any problem you may have with your new eyewear.

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